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You are here because maybe you, or a family member, or friend has just discovered that they are having ostomy surgery... or maybe because you had had your ostomy for a while and want to see what is new.

It doesn't matter the reason, we welcome you and are here to help and support you (your family and friends too) in any way we can. Most people have never heard of the word "Ostomy" and most of us never talk about or bowels or bladder or urine or stool, it is usually a private and personal matter.

At Ostomy Canada Society, we do talk about urine and stool, bladders and bowels. We are not embarrassed or ashamed. We just had a body part that did not work because of different reasons but we ended up with an ostomy.

We invite you to grab a cup of coffee or tea, relax and spend some time with us exploring our website.

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Ostomy Canada Society is a non-profit, volunteer based organization - we are able to provide our many services, only through the amazing generosity of our donors.

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