GOVERNANCE - Administrator: Ann Ivol

By-lawsEd TummersCarol Wells
Lorrie Pismenny
MembershipAndrea MansonAnn Ivol
Steve Maybee
Ruth Kenney
National OfficeSteve MaybeePeter Folk
UOAC Office
Nominations &
Peter FolkAnn Ivol
Policies &
Ann IvolDelilah Guy
Rosemary Gaffray
Strategic Planning
(Annual Operational
Executive CommitteeBoard of Directors
UOAC Office
PrivacyIan MacNeilJohn Molnar
Governance Advisory Working GroupAnn IvolSteve Maybee, Ed Tummers, Representatives from Member Chapters
Peer Support Group Pilot ProjectEd TummersSteve Maybee, Roger Ivol, Richard Olley



FINANCE & FUNDRAISING - Administrator: Steve Maybee

FinanceSteve MaybeeExecutive Committee
FundraisingAndrea MansonCarol Wells
Roger Ivol
Steve Maybee
Lisa Gausman
John Molnar
Jim Fitzgerald
BursaryRosemary GaffrayRoger Ivol, Andrea Manson, Steve Maybee, Lorrie Pismenny, John Molnar



ADVOCACY - Administrator: Ed Tummers

AdvocacyRuth KenneyDelilah Guy
Lorrie Pismenny
Jim Fitzgerald
ConferenceConference Administrator 2016: Rosemary GaffrayConference Chair: Lorrie Pismenny
Chapter Outreach Support Services (COSS) (Formerly called District Support Services (DSS))Roger IvolJean-Pierre Lapointe (Quebec Coordinator)
Vacant (Pacific Coordinator)
Ken Hayward (Atlantic Coordinator)
Gerard Dakiniewich (Prairies Coordinator)
John Molnar (Southern Ontario Coordinator)
Roger Ivol (South-western and North-eastern Ontario Coordinator)
Richard Olley (North Ontario Coordinator)
International RelationsPat CimmeckLisa Gausman
Public Awareness (includes Canada Ostomy Day & World Ostomy Day)Andrea MansonDelilah Guy
Carol Wells
Lorrie Pismenny
John Molnar
ADP Initiative CommitteeJim Fitzgerald, Tim CarterAnn Ivol, Bob Rivard, Bruce Sinclair, Ian MacNeil, John Molnar, Richard Olley, Paul Blais, Angela Andrews, Carol Robinson, Deb Henning



MARKETING & COMMUNICATION - Administrator: Carol Wells

UOAConnectionCarol WellsAnn Ivol
Joel Jacobson
Lorrie Pismenny
UOAC Office
Ostomy CanadaLisa GausmanElizabeth Lindner
Lorne Aronson (advertising)
UOAC Office
PublicationsAnn IvolJoel Jacobson
Andrea Manson
Social Media/WebsitePeter FolkAngie Schickerowski (webmaster)
Andrea Manson
Lisa Gausman
Carol Wells
John Molnar



OUTREACH - Administrator: Andy Manson

AwardsAnn IvolDelilah Guy
Parents of Children
With an Ostomy
Lyn Atkins
Corry Stewart Dorosh
Pat Cimmeck
Karen Lindsay
Professional Advisory Partners
(Industry, Medical, Other)
Andrea MansonDelilah Guy, Jo-Ann Tremblay, Rory Hornstein RD, Julie Singer, Shabita Teja, Karen Bruton RN BScN MCISc-WH CETN(C), Contacts from Hollister, ConvaTec, Coloplast and Salts,
Current CAET President, Contacts from Crohn's and Colitis,
Colorectal Cancer Assoc., Bladder Cancer Canada, etc.
SASOBetty WoolridgeAnn Ivol
Youth CampCamp Administrator: Pat CimmeckLisa Gausman
Karen Spencer
Jason Boyd
20/40Angie Schickerowski