UOAC makes a number of publications available to both chapters and individuals, several of which are listed below. A publication order form is also available.

Ostomy Canada

Publications - Ostomy Canada

Ostomy Canada magazine offers ostomy health related information as well as motivational personal stories, and up-to-date product information. It is published twice a year and sent to all members of chapters affiliated with UOAC.

Click here for more information.

Ostomy Canada Connects (UOAConnection)

Publications - UOAConnection

Ostomy Canada Connects (UOAConnection) newsletter outlines events of the UOAC and local chapter and is published ten times a year.

Click here to view the most current issue.

Click here to view the three most current issues.

Chapter Newsletters

UOAC Traveller’s Communication Card

The United Ostomy Association of Canada Inc. has created a Traveller’s Communication Card for your use. It can be downloaded on this page, or you can ask the office for a copy.

Download the Traveller’s Communication Card by clicking here.

Publication List & Order Form

There is a wide selection of material available through the UOAC office. Highlights of several publications are outlined below. Some items are free of charge, while others must be purchased. For pricing and to order, click here to access the Publication Order Form.

Click here for a detailed list of the various Publications.

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