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Ostomy Canada Society is an association of affiliated member chapters. Ostomy Canada Society also offers supporter status, with no voting privileges, to individuals.


Ostomy Canada Society offers a number of programs, which include:

  • Public Awareness (Stoma Stroll)
  • Bursary Program (ET and Post Secondary)
  • Ostomy Canada Magazine
  • Publications
  • Chapter Outreach Support Services (COSS)
  • Visitor Training
  • 20/40 Group
  • Parents of Children with an Ostomy
  • SASO
  • Ostomy Youth Camp
  • National Office
  • Biennial Conferences
  • Chapter Information Sessions (CIS)

Ostomy Canada Society is also involved in other activities, such as:

  • Advocacy (ADP Initiative in Ontario)
  • Liaise with interested groups (CAET, UOAA, IOA, FOWC etc.)
  • Liaise with industry and the medical community


To Join a Chapter

Contact the chapter in your area, or attend a meeting. You will be required to pay annual dues, at an amount determined by the chapter. You will be entitled to vote at chapter meetings, and to join committees or run for office at the local and national level if you wish. Chapter membership dues also entitle you to attend all chapter meetings, to receive the local newsletter, to receive Ostomy Canada magazine and to purchase other Ostomy Canada Society publications at a discounted rate.

Click here for listings of all the Canadian chapters.

National Supporters

This category is reserved for individuals that do not wish to become a member of a chapter. For a minimum donation of $30.00 per year, payable to Ostomy Canada Society, individuals will get a tax receipt. National supporters will receive a copy of the monthly publication “Ostomy Canada Connects”, and a subscription to Ostomy Canada magazine. This category has no voting privileges.

Click here for a copy of the membership form

National Supporters

Click here to become a national supporter online (on our AKA Raisin website)

Click here to become a national supporter online (on our AKA Raisin website)

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