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Once you start using the Internet, you'll notice people talking about joining lists and participating in groups. While there are thousands of ongoing newsgroups and forums on different subjects, there are also thousands of e-mail list discussions as well.

What's the difference? Newsgroups and forums are public discussions that anyone can subscribe to and participate in. You read what members have written and post replies if you choose. Think of it as an electronic bulletin board. On the other hand, a mailing list is a list of e-mail addresses of people interested in the same topic.

Types of Lists

Mailing lists can be public or private, with as few as two participants or many thousands. Mailing lists are often used to provide subscribers with current information. For music fans, that might include upcoming concert dates or ticket purchasing details. Generally, there are two types of lists:

  • Announcement-type lists, where you receive messages, but can't post to the list yourself.
  • Discussion-type lists, where everyone on the list can participate. When a list subscriber sends a message, it goes to everyone on the list. You can reply to messages you receive, send new messages, or just read the messages without participating.

The key advantage of a mailing list over a newsgroup is that instead of having to go somewhere to read or retrieve postings, messages are automatically delivered to your e-mail box.

At the October board of directors meeting, the UOAC decided to start a email discussion list. Want to join an email discussion list for Ostomy Canada topics? Visit to join, or send a blank email to or send me an email at and I will set you up. Or you may enter your email address in the box below and click on "Join Now!"

Peter Folk

UOAC Website Committee Chair

You can also join our email discussion list by entering your email address in the form below:

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