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Interest Groups

Spouses and Significant Others Support Group

The Spouses and Significant Others Support Group (SASO) of UOAC was formed to address the needs of and offer support to spouses, significant others, families and friends of persons with an ostomy. Since the committee's inception, in December 2000, the members have worked hard to achieve this goal by implementing the following:

  • to provide information and support for spouses and significant others

Through the distribution of the brochure, Partners Support Program, spouses and significant others of new ostomates are made aware that help and support is available. Twice a year, the SASO column is published in the UOAC magazine, Ostomy Canada, with information of interest to this particular group.

  • to train spouses and significant others as visitors

Spouses and significant others of ostomates, as trained visitors, are prepared to offer help and support to those who request it.

  • to become full members of UOAC

The spouses and significant others, as a group, are recognized as an integral part of UOAC. At the annual UOAC conferences, the SASO symbol, printed on the name cards, identifies this special group.

  • to meet from time to time to discuss and share concerns, ideas and solutions

A program designed for spouses and significant others is offered at the annual UOAC conference. Some spouses and significant others arrange to meet each other through the support of their local chapter.

Read the SASO Support Group brochure here or ask the UOAC office to send one to you.

20/40 -- Young Adults Interest Group

The 20/40, or Young Adults Interest Group is designed to offer a forum to those persons with ostomies who would like to meet with others in a similar age group to share ideas, develop friendships and learn more about living with an ostomy. It is open to all young adults, regardless of type of ostomy or alternate procedure, sexual orientation or marital status.

Internationally, the 20/40 Focus group has had  three  conferences full of information sessions, discussion groups and has created a warm environment for young adult ostomates around the world. The next International 20/40 event will be a joint venture with the YODAA (Young Ostomate & Diversion Alliance of America) being held in New Orleans LA, August 5-8 2009, in conjuction with the United Ostomy Association of America Conference.

UOAC is currently working on creating a national group to do the same. We offer discussion groups and events at our biennial conferences where young adults get together and swap stories, trade ostomy secrets and learn more about being a young adult with an ostomy.

If you are interested in participating in a national 20/40 group, please contact the UOAC head office

Join the 20/40 Facebook page here:

Parents of Children with Ostomies

At the October, 2008 Board Meeting in Toronto Mr. Roger Ivol, Hamilton and District Chapter presented a paper on Parents of Ostomy Children and the need to have something in place specifically for them.. This is a need which was recognized some time ago and has been on our Strategic Plan for several years.  I am pleased to advise you that Ms. Pat Cimmeck, former Past President of UOAC has volunteered to head up this committee.  This is a natural step for Pat as she has been Youth Camp Coordinator for UOAC camp since its inception and has a good working relationship with children and Youth groups.
Welcome aboard in this new position Pat and I look forward to working with you.
Best Regards
Mike Woolridge

Join the Facebook group for Parents of Children with and Ostomy here: