ADP Grant Applications for Ostomy: Change in procedure due to COVID-19- Please be aware

Dear NSWOCC Ontario Members,

Re: Pandemic impact on ADP Ostomy Funding Process – Temporary Measures in Place

We want to make sure that you have received the two attached documents which are in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and ADP Funding for Ostomy in Ontario:

1) Grant Application

2)  Vendor authorization

These attachments from ADP are notifying stakeholders that ADP forms, including ostomy forms, will not be accepted by mail. As of now ADP is resuming but will only accept applications by fax or email according to the memos which are attached.

Ontario NSWOCs can inform their patients or assist them with this change.

There is information on how to submit the funding request and also information on when to expect payments.

For your information,

Cathy Harley

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