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Ask the Ostomy Lifestyle Expert – February 2017


Is it common or unusual for waste to come out of both passages? I had an incident where I had been having cramping for a few days and then I passed a small amount of poop through my anus and also through the stoma. I have had my ostomy for about 10 months and had gone for a ctscan. I was concerned that the fluid that I drank could have had something to do with this issue. Thanks for your information.


It is not unusual to pass mucus through the anus, sometimes the mucus can accumulate and solidify.  The lining of the bowel continuously produces mucus which acts as a lubricant to assist the passage of faeces. If the remainder of the bowel has been left in place when the stoma is formed then, even though faeces will no longer pass through it, the redundant portion of your bowel will still continue to produce mucus. The mucus can be from clear, egg white, to a glue-like consistency mucus that can leak out through the anus or build up inside the rectum where it can dry up and cause pain.

If a stoma was formed as an emergency and there wasn’t time to clear out the bowel prior to the operation, in some instances some faeces may remain in the redundant part of the bowel, and is eventually passed out through the anus, sometimes many months later.

If you have a loop colostomy or loop ileostomy you can have a discharge through your anus, and this is normal.

If you have persistent problems with discharge (such as passing faeces or blood through the anus), or you are experiencing pain it is important that you consult with a Enterostomal Therapy (ET) Nurse, for further information, or report this to your Doctor.

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