Quebec Changes to the reimbursement program for ostomates

News September 7, 2018 Modification of the reimbursement program for ostomates From 1 st  October 2018, the Assistive Devices Program Ostomy will change. As the new name implies, the ostomy appliance program will cover people who have had a temporary stoma just like those who have had a permanent stoma. The announced changes will provide an indexable annual lump […]

Where to find Support in Vaughan

September 2018 Question: I just had my first surgery. I came across this website and looking for some guidance. Where is the best place/cost efficient to buy products? Are there any support groups in Vaughan?   Response:  New and seasoned people with ostomies find value in our connection with one another. There are many Ostomy […]

Hollister Canada is All In for World Ostomy Day

Show your support by going All in for Ostomy! A stoma is a normal part of having an ostomy. By wearing a “stoma” where people can see it, the stoma pin is a great way to educate, start a conversation, or show support for people living with or caring for ostomies. Request your free pin […]

Numbness in heel

September, 2018 Question: Hello, We live in Canada. My father underwent a colostomy surgery 6 months ago. He does not speak english so i am trying to help him. He has a strong heel numbness which causing discomfort especially when he is about to sleep. Just wondering if you could give us some advices how […]