Unsung Hero – Bea Spears – Pictou Ostomy Chapter – December 2018

Bea Spears, long time treasurer of the Pictou Ostomy Chapter, was a loving and kind person, devoted to her family, friends and people living with an ostomy. After years of suffering with Chron’s Disease, Bea had ostomy surgery and became a faithful member of the chapter. Even after numerous surgeries and untold medical problems, she […]


Christine MacCallum, Facilitator of the Charlottetown Ostomy Peer Support Group has led her people in the right direction once again.  Starting the Group just one year ago, Christine and her Group has been very active in assisting people, hosting meetings and participating in the Stoma Stroll this year. They had over 90 people partake and […]

Use of Stents

November 2018 Question Question: My Father had a radical cystectomy for treatment of advanced bladder 11 months ago. He has an ileal Conduit diversion with urostomy. His stoma has retracted to just below the abdomen, below skin level. Unfortunately his treatment thus far has involved having stents remain in place and changed every 6 weeks […]