My Bequest For Ostomy Canada

Have you ever received a gift from a family member or a friend following their death?

A few years back, I received a beautiful set of Limoge dishes dating back to the original factory in France where the nuns ran and produced such a wonder. I received them from a very dear friend who was 25 years my senior. We were great friends. When her family called me, they said, “Audrey has bequest to you something very dear to her heart and we would like you to arrange delivery.

I was in awe and looked up the meaning of “bequest.” The noun ‘BEQUEST” is something one arranges to give away after death, a gift from beyond the grave. Putting a bequest in a will is a way of ensuring the right person will get certain goods after your death. This bequest was given to me from the biggest heart and showed me the value of a cherished friendship that planned her life after death. I will cherish them forever.

This generous gift was given to me 15 years ago, and from that day forward, I decided to bequest one of my favourite possessions to someone. I am a rug hooker-fibre artist with all the equipment and materials needed to build a rug hook. I have hooked rugs exceeding large values. I have donated many to organizations over the years for their fundraising efforts, but I have many in my possession, and with plenty of heartfelt thoughts, I have produced my bequest. For me, it was an easy decision; it was important for me to appreciate the involvement of being a volunteer with Ostomy Canada Society, to recognize the support that they offer to persons living with an ostomy, and to the many volunteers that make our communities a better place to live. And not on the top of my list but I have an ostomy as do many in our country. My ostomy journey has been a personal fulfillment. Because of all of this, I wanted to arrange a gift from beyond the grave and hope that it will assist Ostomy Canada in continuing to support people following my death. I have this bequest in my will, and it comes with instructions. I have chosen my two best friends to host an auction with all my remaining equipment, materials and many pieces of rug hooking. The revenue from this auction is to be donated to Ostomy Canada Society so that they may contribute and support ostomy programs for the thousands of people who live with an ostomy just like me. It is my planned gift before death.

Ann Durkee’s Fibre Art / Rug Hooking

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By Ann Durkee-MacIsaac, Director & Past Chair of the Board, Ostomy Canada Society

Ann Durkee

Following her ostomy surgery in 2002, Ann became a member of her local Ostomy Chapter in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Through her experiences, she recognized the importance of providing support within the ostomy community. Ann has served as the Past Chair of the Board and as the Past Regional Administrator for Atlantic Canada. Furthermore, she founded and leads the Disability Tax Credit Committee. Her involvement extends to being an active Director of the Board, member of the Advocacy Committee and co-leading the Ostomy Visitor Program. Additionally, Ann is a vital part of the South West Nova Scotia Peer Support Group, continuing to contribute and support others in her community.


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