2017 Stoma Stroll Video

Saturday, October 7, 2017 was Canada Ostomy Day. And Ostomy Canada Society hosted the 5th Annual Stoma Stroll Awareness Walk in various cities across Canada. The theme this year was “No Colon, Still Strollin!”.

Ostomy Walk Raises Awareness

CTV video of the Stoma Stroll in Regina, Saskatchewan

Canada Ostomy Day 2017

Ostomy Canada Society is pleased to announce the 5th annual Canada Ostomy Day on October 7, 2017. The purpose of the Canada Ostomy Day is to raise awareness of the estimated 90,000 people living in Canada with an ostomy. Many chapters and peer support groups across Canada will join in the Stoma Stroll Awareness Walk, see our website www.stomastroll.ca […]

Ostomy Canada Connects for September 2017

Ostomy Canada Connects (formerly called UOAConnection) is a newsletter outlining current events of Ostomy Canada Society and is published ten times per year. It is sent to all presidents of chapters affiliated with Ostomy Canada Society or anyone interested in being added to the email list. For the latest news about the Ostomy Canada Society, […]

Cumberland County peer support group makes the news!

Click the link below for the story. http://www.cumberlandnewsnow.com/community/2017/9/5/cumb–co–support-group-makes-life-with-ostomy-less-of-a-mystery.html