Did You Know about the Disability Tax Credit?

DID YOU KNOW? That any person living with an ostomy is eligible for the Disability Tax Credit when a qualified medical practitioner certifies the Disability Tax Credit certificate and Canada Revenue Agency approves your application. DID YOU KNOW? That the existing Disability Tax Credit Committee which is an Ad-Hoc Committee of Ostomy Canada Society’s Advocacy […]

Disability Tax Credit

Summary of Ostomy Reimbursement in Canada

Click here to download file 1)      BC has not updated their Pharma-care program on the web. (line 108)  Improvements in the basic deductible has been increased from $15,000 to $30,000 (Announcement made January 3rd, 2019) 2)      Nunavut Non-Insured Health Benefits has announced some updates. One of them is in regards to the Medical Supplies and […]


Christine MacCallum, Facilitator of the Charlottetown Ostomy Peer Support Group has led her people in the right direction once again.  Starting the Group just one year ago, Christine and her Group has been very active in assisting people, hosting meetings and participating in the Stoma Stroll this year. They had over 90 people partake and […]