Use of Stents

November 2018 Question Question: My Father had a radical cystectomy for treatment of advanced bladder 11 months ago. He has an ileal Conduit diversion with urostomy. His stoma has retracted to just below the abdomen, below skin level. Unfortunately his treatment thus far has involved having stents remain in place and changed every 6 weeks […]

Where to find Support in Vaughan

September 2018 Question: I just had my first surgery. I came across this website and looking for some guidance. Where is the best place/cost efficient to buy products? Are there any support groups in Vaughan?   Response:  New and seasoned people with ostomies find value in our connection with one another. There are many Ostomy […]

Numbness in heel

September, 2018 Question: Hello, We live in Canada. My father underwent a colostomy surgery 6 months ago. He does not speak english so i am trying to help him. He has a strong heel numbness which causing discomfort especially when he is about to sleep. Just wondering if you could give us some advices how […]

Problems with Ureterostomy night collection tubing

August, 2018 Comment: I have had a Ureterostomy for 2 1/2 years now and have noticed something I am not sure about. I use a night collection bottle and the tube that connects the collection bag to the night bottle starts to turn black after a very short time and after 3-4 months it is […]