Use of Stents

November 2018 Question Question: My Father had a radical cystectomy for treatment of advanced bladder 11 months ago. He has an ileal Conduit diversion with urostomy. His stoma has retracted to just below the abdomen, below skin level. Unfortunately his treatment thus far has involved having stents remain in place and changed every 6 weeks […]

Problems with Ureterostomy night collection tubing

August, 2018 Comment: I have had a Ureterostomy for 2 1/2 years now and have noticed something I am not sure about. I use a night collection bottle and the tube that connects the collection bag to the night bottle starts to turn black after a very short time and after 3-4 months it is […]

Support for Elderly Patient

July, 2017 Question: I am searching for information/help/support for an 80 year old friend who has just had her bowel and bladder removed and now has two ostomies that she is totally unaccepting of or prepared to look after. She is presently 6 weeks post-op and still quite frail and in a rehabilitation unit at […]

Online Survey

At the July 8, 2017 staff meeting of the Ostomy Canada Society, approval was given to promote this online survey. You are invited to participate in a research study entitled: Social support and responsiveness: Improving ostomates’ health-related quality of life.  The following link will direct you to a 10-15 minute survey: To help with […]

Good news for people living in Ontario with an ostomy!

Important Information In Ontario, temporary ostomies will now be covered under the Ontario ADP grant program. Your doctor or nurse practitioner must state it will be for 6 month or longer. Any ostomy under 6 months will continue to have no coverage. Great job to the Advocacy committee! It has been a long fight but […]