Hi, My Mum is planning on visiting Canada in the summer. Currently, she is assisted by a nurse who helps change the colostomy pouch every 5 days. She is looking for a similar service during her visit to Canada. I reside in Brampton, ON, so if there are services in this area, I would appreciate it if you could provide me with various options available. I understand that as a non-resident, she will be responsible for nurse or PSW charges. Thanks for the help.


Great to have your mother come and visit – what a treat! Not knowing your mother’s situation I can give some broad advice.

1. Is there any reason why your mother cannot change her flange – does she have problems with hand dexterity or movement?
2. How long is she staying – if for only a week then paid nursing care would be wise to reduce stress in learning.
3. If a long stay I would suggest a family member or members learn to change flanges in saving nursing costs.
4. You are able to book a nursing agency to come and do a teaching session with family members willing to do the flange changes.
5. Nursing agencies will come and do the changes but most likely not after hours like evenings and weekends. So it is wise to have family members learn.

I googled nursing agencies Brampton and there is a slue of nursing agencies. It would be wise to google and phone PRIOR to your mother coming – to see what the costs are, type of notice to book a call, if there is a sign up process prior as this may delay visits, costs and what they can offer.

Here is a link with many nursing agencies: Nursing Agency Brampton

I would also suggest contacting Shopper’s Home Health or other medical suppliers to see how long it takes to order product as it is not usually kept stock. Ask your mother what make, style, appliance she has and what accessories she uses.
terminology for appliances are
1-piece or 2-piece system – flange – pouch – powder – wafers – paste – belt

U-Tube is an excellent resource in using to educate yourself and family members on ostomy systems and how to change

I hope this helps – feel free to email me with any more questions.

Warm Regards,

Karen Bruton RN BScN MCISc-WH WOCC(C)

Nurse Education Consultant – Interprofessional Practice Support
Indigenous Services Canada, Government of Canada
Ostomy Canada (Volunteer)
Medical and Lifestyle Advisory Team Lead

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