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Donate to Ostomy Canada Society

Your contribution will enable Ostomy Canada Society to continue to provide support and encouragement to others

Among the services provided to Ostomy Canada Society chapters and their members are Visitor Training, which certifies and trains people living with an ostomy to visit and reach out to others who have just undergone ostomy surgery. As well, all Chapter members receive Ostomy Canada magazine twice yearly, with medical information and personal interest articles. Ostomy Canada Society sponsors the Ostomy Canada Youth Camp, enabling youth between 9 and 18 to spend a week with their peers, learning they are not alone.

A charitable donation receipt will be provided for all donations in excess of $25.00. Unless otherwise directed, your donation will be part of Ostomy Canada Society general funding.

As the end of the year closes in, time is running out on tax-deductible donations. About 25% of Canadians take advantage of the sizeable benefits Canadian Federal and Provincials governments offer to Canadians who give to registered Canadians charities. These tax incentives are significant, amounting to as much as 53% of your charitable donation. For many Canadians, it’s by leveraging these tax benefits that they can give more generously to charities. It makes them feel good and with their larger gift, it enables the charities they support to do more. Now, that’s a good thing. At Ostomy Canada Society, the needs for ostomy support continue to increase. Please consider keeping us in mind as you make your end-of-year donation.

Find Other Donation Options Here

Find Other Donation Options Here