Navigating Life Adjustments and Emotional Well-Being Post-Ostomy Surgery


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Our webinars primarily serve as a platform for support and education for individuals living with an ostomy. These sessions are designed to offer valuable information, insights, and guidance to enhance the quality of life for our audience. Given the nature of these webinars and their focus on educational content, we have not traditionally issued certificates of attendance.

It is important to note that the majority of our participants, who are living with an ostomy, typically attend these webinars for the wealth of knowledge and support they provide. In most cases, the need for a formal certificate of attendance is not a primary consideration for this audience.

Webinar Disclaimer

While Ostomy Canada Society and our guest presenters will do our best to help answer your questions, any questions requiring a healthcare professional to perform and assessment via telehealth or in-person should be directed instead to the Medical Lifestyle Advisory Committee. We also encourage you to reach out to your physician and/or an NSWOC in your area for further questions that aren’t answered during the webinar. Note as well that recommendations made during a webinar are not intended to be a substitute for seeking professional advice, guidance and treatment.