I have a full Ostomy for last five years. I had gallbladder surgery over three years ago and there was complications. some of the gallbladder was left and I have passed a few stones through my stoma cutting it. I was told that this is not supposed to happen is that true or can you pass stones through your ostomy?


It is possible for stones to pass through as the gallbladder as it is usually connected to the small bowel. Through the surgeon find out what portion of the gallbladder was left in. Is it connected to the small bowel still. Ask for surgical consult to have rest removed if possible. Are there any medical orders that would help to eliminate or reduce the number of stones.  Ask for a second opinion if needed. 

Karen Bruton RN BScN MCISc-WH WOCC(C)

Nurse Education Consultant – Interprofessional Practice Support

Indigenous Services Canada, Government of Canada

Ostomy Canada (Volunteer)

Medical and Lifestyle Advisory Team Lead

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