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Getting a Good Seal Around the Stoma

July, 2017


Hello, I have a temporary ileostomy. My surgery was in December. I have been dealing with stabbing pain since. My surgeon doesn’t know how to help. The surgeon and ET nurse talked about granular tissue around the stoma. In January they cauterized the red lumps/ granular tissue. The pain has come back. I am taking Tylenol 3 regularly and it doesn’t really help the pain. Another problem is I can’t seem to get a good seal around the stoma. Can you help?


Pain management requires medical professional expertise and is specific to each individual, situation, and issue. You have solicited the advice of your surgeon and an E.T. Nurse. They have provided their professional advice, although you continue to experience unsatisfactory results. There could be many reasons for the continued pain, such as an abdominal muscle strain, etc… You may want to speak with the surgeon and E.T. Nurse again, as well as seek the advice of your General Practitioner (GP Doctor), for further examination of your situation and the potential for other or specific pain management solutions.

With regard to your ostomy equipment failures:

Option 1

Enterostomal Therapy Nurse (E.T. Nurse).

For your ostomy equipment failures, speak with an Enterostomal Therapy Nurse (E.T. Nurse). Enterostomal Therapy nursing specializes in wound, ostomy and continence care. An E.T. Nurse is a registered nurse with advanced specialized knowledge and clinical skills in wound, ostomy and continence care. E.T. Nurses work closely with ostomates and have the experience to assist them.

To find an E.T. Nurse in or near your location see the following instructions below:

Go to website (this site). You will find the menu at the top bar, click on “Support”, there you will then see a drop down menu, find and click on “Find an E.T. Nurse”, follow the instructions on that page.

Option 2

All of the Ostomy Equipment manufacturers provide excellent products. Each person is an individual with different anatomy and needs. All of the manufacturers provide services whereby you can speak with a specially trained representative by phone who will be comfortable in answering the most delicate questions about ostomy information with complete discretion. During this discussion they will recommend various products their company manufactures, that may be helpful for your individual needs. When particular products have been identified as being potentially helpful for you, the manufacturers will send you free samples, with free shipping included. Within a few weeks after you have used the free sample product(s), the trained representative will contact you to help you determine if the equipment has been successful for your needs, or a further assessment is required. Start by calling the Ostomy manufacturing company that you are using at this time.

Our friends over at Nurses Specialized In Wound, Ostomy And Continence Canada [NSWOCC] (formerly called The Canadian Association for Enterostomal Therapy (CAET)) have renamed their handy look-up page on their website. It was formerly called “Find An ET Nurse” and is now called “Find a NSWOC“. Click on the image to the left or link here to go to their site.



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