GI J’s – 1 Paddle 1 Ostomy 370 km Paddling for Ostomy Kids



Jim Fitzgerald with a permanent Ileostomy takes on the Muskoka X and the Kingston to Ottawa races in an effort to send kids with ostomy & like needs to Ostomy Canada Youth Camp.


Jim Fitzgerald will be participating in three races to raise funds to send youths to Ostomy Canada Youth Camp. He knows life’s challenges living with an ostomy and really want to help youths get the best life experiences that camp can give them.

Event Details

Jim Fitzgerald from Ostomy Toronto Chapter, will try to raise donations for our Ostomy Canada Youth Camp. With a $10,000 goal, he has signed up for three canoe races.

First race – Big East River 40 km June 20
Second race – K20 Kingston to Ottawa 200 km Aug 8-9
Third race – Muskoka River X 130 km Sept 11-13

Jim has permanent ileostomy, he knows how hard it is to adjust to having an ostomy, to accept it and to continue his life just the same as before he was given an ostomy. As a grown man, he has dealt with what comes with having an ostomy. It can be trying at times. He thought how much harder it would be to be a youth dealing with this change but also with adolescent experiences. Follow their Facebook page here.

He feels that the Ostomy Canada Youth Camp would be such a life altering experience for youths to attend, to be free to be who they are, to make some great friends and to have some great memories to think back on.

Ostomy Canada Youth Camp is held at Camp Horizon, Bragg Creek Alberta (southwest of Calgary) and usually in July – in 2015 the dates are July 26 – 31, no confirmed date for 2016 as of yet.

Please view Jim’s fundraising page at and help support this wonderful cause. You can also sign up to be a virtual participant.