Christine MacCallum, Facilitator of the Charlottetown Ostomy Peer Support Group has led her people in the right direction once again.  Starting the Group just one year ago, Christine and her Group has been very active in assisting people, hosting meetings and participating in the Stoma Stroll this year. They had over 90 people partake and raised over $3,000.00 for Ostomy Canada’s largest fundraiser.

The Province says there are approximately 585 people living with an ostomy on the island and this group has worked very hard to meet all of the right people to request funding from their government for ostomy supplies and care. People like Robert Mitchell, the Minister of Health, Hannah Bell, member of the Green Party, Judith Bayliss, advocate for people living with disability, NSWOC Nurses who support and take care of their patients, have stood beside this group and helped them to achieve support from the government. PEI was the only province in Canada without funding. This is over, people are thrilled, government has come forward and Christine and her Group have succeeded once again.

On November 28th, Christine and her Group hosted a celebration party for all those that assisted them along the way.  Her thanks go out to Ann Durkee, Atlantic Regional Administrator, Ostomy Canada Society and NSWOCC.

This tiny group has grown from 16 people attending the meetings regularly to a grand total of 56. They share stories about their success, their health issues and their difficulties through living with an ostomy.

Through support, all of these people will be happy and content and will enjoy the friendships that they make in their group with no responsibilities.

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