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December 2018

Hello. I had an ileostomy for 9 months. And about a year ago it was reversed. I have been having such a huge effect since then. Diarrhea every single day, very frequently attending a toilet. It’s impossible!

I would like to ask is it possible to get any help? It would be perfect to get information about diet, especially in my situation. What to do?

I really like to live a normal life. I am just 37 and have a 2-year-old son.

Thank you in advance.


Often after an ostomy reversal, the rectum and pelvic floor muscles are likely to be weaker than before your stoma surgery. This will be due to the fact they have been inactive for some time. It would be helpful to consult with an NSWOC Nurse for help with a pelvic exercise program that can help you to strengthen and tone these muscles. In addition, the NSWOC Nurse will be able to guide you with regard to continence.

NSWOC (Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Canada)

A consultation with NSWOC Nurse can help you immensely, with regard to practical information, and emotional support. NSWOC Nurses have continence experience and will be a wealth of knowledge for your understandings.

NSWOC  Nurses, are the “go to” professionals. NSWOC Nurses are registered nurses with advanced specialized knowledge and clinical skills in wound, ostomy, and continence care. To find a NSWOC Nurse in or near your location; go to the website. You will find the menu at the top bar, click on “Support”, there you will then see a drop down menu, find and click on “Find a NSWOC Nurse”, follow the instructions on that page.

There is access to Dieticians across Canada. Depending on the Province you live in there will be support. Simply Google – Free Dieticians in Canada, and then research what is available in your Province.

For example, if you are in Ontario:

Dieticians of Ontario for diet information.  In Ontario call, Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000.

Dieticians in Nova Scotia.

Wishing you the best.


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