Emptying your ostomy pouch seems to be an individual thing. Whatever way you have discovered, it’s okay. You do have a few options when emptying your pouch at home:

  • You can sit far back on the toilet seat.
  • Kneel on the floor beside the toilet. (Use a towel or pillow to protect your knees.)
  • You can stand over the toilet.
  • You can sit on the side.
  • You can sit on a stool beside the toilet.

Whatever position you choose that is proper for you will work. If you opt for a stool beside the toilet, there are a few important measurements you will want to keep in mind. Research results reveal the height of traditional toilets will vary from 35 cm (14 inches), to 43 cm (17 inches). Sometimes an individual needs a little assistance, and so the disability access toilets and models comfortable for seniors are usually about 5.08 cm (2 inches) taller than the traditional models. For these folks, the added height can make a difference when it comes to sense of ease and everyday comfort. So it is recommended that before you purchase a stool, make sure you’ve measured your toilet height, and buy the stool that matches that height.

Sit far back on the seat, sit on the side, use a stool, kneel on the floor or stand over the toilet

  1. Make sure to have a piece of toilet paper within reach.
  2. Raise the pouch so the opening faces up.
  3. Open the pouch. You will unclamp or unroll the integrated drainage outlet.
  4. Lower the opening into the toilet. Slide your hands down the pouch to push out the stool.
  5. If you stand while emptying the pouch, you may want to flush the toilet as you drain the pouch or place a few pieces of toilet paper into the toilet bowl. This prevents the stool and toilet water from splashing up when draining from a high distance.
  6. Wipe the opening off inside and out with toilet paper or tissue.
  7. If used, add pouch deodorant.
  8. Re-clamp or reseal the pouch.

Emptying your pouch when you’re out:

To be sure, emptying an ostomy pouch can be difficult in some public washroom facilities, however this is a problem that a person encounters with or without a stoma. If you usually empty your pouch by sitting on the toilet seat in a position that you can empty the pouch between your legs into the commode for example, sitting on the public toilet seat is a challenge when the facilities are not clean. This is when you adapt your pouch emptying procedure to best suit the circumstance. You can opt to stand in front of or beside the toilet, lean forward and empty the pouch. You’ll want to roll down the integrated drainage outlet or remove the clip carefully, aim the end of the pouch into the toilet and empty. Wipe off the end of the pouch with toilet paper. Refasten with the clip or roll up the drainage outlet and presto you’re done! Ensure if you use a clip that you keep it out of harm’s way when emptying your pouch. Always carry a spare pouch clip with you when you will be emptying away from home or are traveling. Take your time when refastening the pouch clip as you may be more apt to fumble the clip into the toilet when you are in a hurry.

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