I have been looking for incontinent underwear and bought some on line, but, even though they are advertised as being leak proof, etc, they don’t hold any moisture at all. Can anyone recommend a brand that works and where to purchase them?


Thank you for your request for incontinence underwear. I am not sure if you mean reusable or disposable.

The key to selecting the right product will depend on a few different things.

1. The amount and type of incontinence ( leakage) you are experiencing,

a) Super absorbent products seem to only manage about 30ml of urine at one time – this means changing with each episode, if you have more than this or have a output all at once vs. a slow dribble I am not sure these products will work for you

2. The right size for your body shape, ( most sizes are based on waist but if your thighs are smaller or larger this can affect fit) if point # 1 has been addressed
3. The frequency of incontinence,

When considering reusable underwear:

  1. Best for light to moderate leaks, cannot hold large leaks or sudden bursts of incontinence
  2. Depending on your body shape undwerwear fits people differently thus best to read online reviews or call the customer support to discuss sizing and style.
  3. Popular companies are : ( I do not endorse any particular company) (* indicates styles for both men and women):
    Speax, By Thinx

If looking at disposable underwear, size is important, best to look at the companies measurement guide to select a size. As well depending on the amount of leakage they have different levels of absorption and can hold a significant amount of urine. ( approximately 57-64 oz’s) They also make an overnight incontinence products that usually hold larger amounts.

Lauren Wolfe RN, BSN, MClSc (WH), NSWOC, CWOCN

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