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9 thoughts on “Library of Ostomy Information”

  1. Hi there, my father is 3 months post radical cystectomy, his stoma has recessed below the skin surface and he has required the stents to remain in place. Recently one of the stents has kinked causing kidney inflammation and infection. Currently his doc suggests changing the stents every 3 + months via Angio/Cath lab. I realize this is uncommon but I’m honestly looking for any suggestions of ways to manage this type of stoma perhaps with a specific appliance or if there are suggestions for the stents if anyone has experienced something similar. What works what doesn’t .. any suggestions are appreciated.
    Thank you

  2. could you please tell me where I can get further info on been able to claim a “disability credit” on my income tax forms………tks

  3. Looking for a support group, recently had cancer and surgery. I am now living with a stoma and want to find better ways to deal with it.

  4. I am trying to open the library site of Ostomy Canada. This month it requires me to join.
    I tried to join.
    Nothing happened.

    So could you send me a couple of good articles for the Edmonton Ostomy Association newsletter that I am trying to get together this weekend.


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