New Survey from Ostomy Canada Society

Ostomy Canada Society’s Board of Directors are committed in meeting the Mission and Vision of the Society.  The enthusiastic Board has carefully drafted a questionnaire to better understand current needs and opinions of membership to ensure productive outcomes. The Board understands how busy life is and greatly appreciates your time and effort completing the questionnaire. Your input is such an important role within Ostomy Canada Society.

There are several ways to complete the questionnaire.

  • Online – see below
  • Hardcopy – see below

Questionnaires can be completed at meetings or on own.

Copy attached. Hard copies can be mailed or scanned. Send to

Hard copies can be mailed to: Ostomy Canada Society, 5800 Ambler Drive, Suite 210, Mississauga, ON L4W 4J4

Karen Bruton (Board Member) is willing to pay for photocopying and postage. Contact her to arrange reimbursement.

Completion date April 4, 2018

Online here:

Hardcopy here:

Download (PDF, 126KB)