Shifting To A Donation Model

In December 2022, we shared a Board motion (through News and Notes) about a shift in how we help fund our national operations and programs

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Bravery Bag Covers Update

Bravery Bag Covers Are Now Available and They Are Free! Bravery Bag Covers – Finding Support For Kenzie In the Summer edition of Connects, we

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Ask a Medical Lifestyle Advisor

Ileostomy with a stoma to manage

Question:  I am a patient suffering from severe bowel issues. I’ve undergone extensive testing and don’t have a diagnosis for the severe alternating diarrhea and

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Ask a Medical Lifestyle Advisor

Pain like a blockage daily

Question:  I was recently diagnosed with legionel, intubated and due to this not taking any meds for my Crohn’s and ostomy, my stomach consistently bloats

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