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At the July 8, 2017 staff meeting of the Ostomy Canada Society, approval was given to promote this online survey.

You are invited to participate in a research study entitled: Social support and responsiveness: Improving ostomates’ health-related quality of life. 

The following link will direct you to a 10-15 minute survey:

To help with data collection, Ostomy Canada Society is posting the survey on its Facebook page and other social media. In addition to the link, attached is a copy of Institutional Board Approval. If you have any additional questions, please contact Carrie Reif by email:, or telephone: 334-434-2936.

Click here to download the Institutional Board Approval.

Download (PDF, 29KB)

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  1. Elizabeth Hopkins

    I completed the survey, thank you. I wish someone would ask about attitudes. I wish someone would stress to doctor’s the importance of actually talking to patients and notifying them…informed consent. I woke up with an ostomy almost three years ago when they withheld informed consent from me by letting me believe they were only going to drain abscesses. My bowel ruptured after being sent home from an ER without tests or treatment for an infection.

    I’ve wanted to die ever since. I don’t believe in surgery. I’ve been waiting and fighting for assisted dying ever since but will probably have to resort to taking my own life. It’s been almost three years since this happened to me. Even had the “reversal”, but still wish to die.

    It’s important that people know all the facts before someone does this to them.

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