Ontario Government – change the ADP program

Hello all supporters of the petition to have the Ontario Government increase the Assistive Devices Program (ADP) Grant.

As you are aware, we have circulated paper petitions to various pharmacies throughout Ontario and have asked that they be returned to the office by June 1, 2014.

And you are probably also aware that an election has been called in Ontario.

And so, we are extending the deadline for the petitions to be returned to August 1, 2014.

We are also asking individuals to contact the candidates of all parties and find out what their position is regarding the ADP grant for people living with an ostomy.

To support the effort to get the Ontario ADP Grant back in-line with needs of people living with an ostomy, the committee has pulled together statistics on average costs of ostomy supplies, number of people living with an ostomy and breakdown of temporary versus permanent ostomies.

In order to put a human face on these statistics, we would also like to collect examples of people for whom the ADP grant hardly covers their costs (or as in the case of people living with a temporary ostomy does not begin to cover their costs).

If you:-

  • live in Ontario
  • have either a permanent or “temporary” ostomy
  • are willing to share your experiences of hard financial choices made to obtain adequate ostomy supplies (or the consequences of trying to make do with inadequate supplies)
  • and you are willing to have your identity revealed/authenticated as part of the presentations the committee plans to make to the Ontario Government and Ministry of Health

Please forward your story to Richard Olley c/o peter.folk@ostomycanada.ca

Best regards,

Peter Folk,
President, United Ostomy Association of Canada Inc.