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Ostomy Alert System

June 27, 2017


Is there any kind of device that exists to alert me that my bag needs to be emptied – it doesn’t fill up at the same speed and I’m just wondering?

Thank you


An ostomy bag alert system is a very good idea! After extensive research I have found only 1 bag alert system. The company is based in the UK. They have developed a novel sensor-based technology called Ostom-i Alert. This devise has been designed to help warn patients when their ostomy bags are full so they can empty them without risking an overflow.

The sensor-based Ostom-i Alert attaches to any ostomy bag and is able to send message via Bluetooth to a mobile app to warn the patient when their bags are close to being full. The sensor also tracks the volume of output over a particular period of time and allows this information to be transmitted through email to the patient or caregiver.

For further information and availability of product, the website is:

I recommend to all ostomates, if an ostomy bag alert system would be valuable to you, contact your particular ostomy equipment supplier, if they do not have such an alert system product available, then it would be useful to encourage them to make available an alert system as part of their product line.

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