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Ostomy Canada Connects (formerly called UOAConnection) is a newsletter outlining current events of Ostomy Canada Society and is published ten times per year. It is sent to all presidents of chapters affiliated with Ostomy Canada Society or anyone interested in being added to the email list.

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2 thoughts on “Ostomy Canada Connects”

  1. Shirley Anne Walsh

    Hi there..
    I am living in Kelowna, British Columbia. Are there any organizations out here to contact or join, etc.? I have had an ileostomy since June 2014, which was due to a leak in the rejoining of my colon after cancerous polyp section was removed. This was an emergency surgery as my system was shutting down. I would be very pleased to know what is available for Ostomates in my area of the Country.
    Thank you and Sincerely,

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