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I was looking for some information on the estimated costs of looking after an ostomy in Ontario.

I am a Canadian currently living in the UK. My husband, who is 73, has both a permanent Ileostomy and a Colostomy. In the UK all stoma supplies are covered by the NHS.

We are thinking of returning to Canada and realize that OHIP will not provide this coverage and were wondering therefore what we would be looking at when paying ourselves.

If you could give us some idea it would be very helpful and I would be most grateful.


The financial cost of living with an ostomy is not insignificant. While the combined prices of supplies vary by case, you’re looking at upwards of $1200 + CAD per year, per ostomy.

Ontario provides financial assistance by way of a grant:

The Ostomy Grant Program in Ontario


1. Who is eligible?

Ontario residents who have a permanent colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy, ileal conduit or continent/pouch reservoir.

2. Who is not eligible?

  • Persons who have had surgery resulting in a temporary ostomy
  • Persons who reside in chronic care hospitals or the Ministry of Community and Social Services residential facilities or Ministry of Health facilities, as these facilities provide ostomy supplies to their residents.
  • Persons receiving financial assistance for their ostomy supplies from the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) or Group A Veterans.

3. Grant Application Form

Obtain the form from:

Ministry of Health and Long Term Care
Assistive Devices Program
5700 Yonge Street, 7th floor
Toronto, ON, M2M 4K5
416-327-8804  Toronto
1-800-268-6021 Toll-free
1-800-387-5559 TDD (for the deaf)

Fill out the form in full. Have a doctor or nurse practitioner sign and date the bottom of the form. Send the completed form to the above address.

4. Grant amount

If you have one ostomy, you are eligible to receive $950 yearly. If you have two ostomies, for example, a colostomy and a urostomy, you will receive $1950 per year. If you are receiving social assistance benefits under Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Program or Assistance to Children with Severe Disabilities, you are eligible to receive $1300 per ostomy. Residents of Long Term Care facilities are eligible for $1300 per ostomy.

5. Payment

Two cheques in equal amounts, the first about six weeks after application receipt, and the other, about six months later. To set up direct deposit, call 1-800-267-94586.

6. Renewal

  • Every two years, ADP sends a renewal form to be filled out in full. Promptly fill it out to continue receiving the grant. Failure to notify ADP of address, name or bank changes, or loss of OHIP card will result in a delay of payment. It is very important to send in the renewal promptly. OTHER RESOURCES
    Private insurance plans may cover overages from what ADP pays. Check with your insurance company regarding reimbursement for your additional costs. Please keep all receipts to verify costs.
  • Veterans Affairs can be contacted for a Veteran’s coverage.

For further ostomy related financial inquiries go to the website. At top banner you will see “Support”, click on this, scroll down and see, “Disability Tax Credit Brochure”, “Registered Disability Savings Plan”, and “What is the Canada Disability Savings Grant”.

Good luck and welcome to Ontario, Canada.

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