Ostomy Inspiration Corner

You are not alone! There are millions of people worldwide who ​have undergone some type of ostomy surgery. Our inspiration corner is one of the ways to provide you inspiration and motivat​ion, and to let you know you can live life to the fullest. We have collaborated with Ostomy Awareness to showcase some of these individuals and ​share some of their stories.


Tia Belisle

Meet Tia! She says life with a stoma doesn’t suck. Thanks for being such a positive influence!

Jody J. Bourque

Meet Jody! He’s an ostomate who likes to compete in men’s physique competitions. Thanks for helping normalize ostomies!


Meet Stormy! She tells people that she didn’t choose the bag life, the bag life chose her. Thanks for being a great advocate!

Robert Croft

Meet Robert! After being an ostomate for over a decade, he’s recently worked up the courage to show off his bag. Congratulations on your feat; the ostomy community is proud of you!

Ingrid Anette Hoff Melkersen

Meet Ingrid! She is a speaker, model, fitness girl, blogger and mom to three. Thanks for being an ostomy advocate!

Joe Trimmer

Meet Joe! He says we have to open people’s minds to this operation, that there is no sense in living with a debilitating disease when there are resources to improve our quality of life. Thanks for being a great advocate!


Meet Gaylyn! She started an organization called “Gutless and Glamorous” that’s dedicated to improving the lives of those living with chronic illness. Thanks for being such a great advocate!

Nathaniel Pugliese

Meet Nathaniel! After having an ileostomy reversal surgery that put him into septic shock, he now has a permanent colostomy, and he’s loving it. Thanks for being such a great advocate!

Serena Morgan

Meet Serena! She’s been rocking an ileostomy since her life-saving surgery this past spring, and says she’s just taking everything day by day. Thanks for helping normalize ostomies!

Linley Oliver

Meet Linley! He had quite a few obstacles to overcome following his surgery, but is doing much better now, and loving life as a father of two. Thanks for sharing your story!

Esther De Jong

Meet Esther! She’s proud of her ostomy because it’s given her the freedom to do what she wants. Thanks for helping normalize ostomies!

Wayne Schneider

Meet Wayne! In this picture he said he wouldn’t have been able to make it without his stoma. Thanks for helping raise ostomy awareness!

Hannah McLarnon

Meet Hannah! She’s hopeful that someday ostomy bags will be a thing of the past, but until then she’s all about making her situation a positive one. Thanks for helping in the awareness effort!


Meet Justan! He says just because you have a bag doesn’t mean you stop living life. Thanks for spreading such a positive message!

Zoey Wright

Meet Zoey! She enjoys bodybuilding and healthy eating. Thanks for such a positive influence for many ostomates!

Kristofer Adam

Meet Kristofer! He says he’s going to make being sexy with ostomy possible or die trying. Thanks for working so hard to help normalize ostomies!

Claire Bonti

Meet Claire! Since becoming an ostomate this year, she’s devoted her time to raising awareness for ostomies and Crohn’s Disease. Thanks for being a great advocate!

Matt Tucker

Meet Matt! After his ostomy surgery, he was inspired by Blake Beckford to start fitness modeling and hopes to continue competing in the future. Thanks for being an awesome advocate!

Matilda Ahdrian

Meet Matilda! Her & her stoma have been featured in various Swedish magazines and other media. Thanks for helping in the effort to normalize ostomies!


Meet Deklan! He had an ostomy practically his whole life, up until his recent reversal. Thanks for letting the world see that even babies can have bags!

Samantha Weber

Meet Samantha! She’s a vegetarian ostomate and enjoys being an LGBTQ activist, too. Thanks for helping in the ostomy awareness effort!

Jack Atkins

Meet Jack! He’s into photography and it seems as though his camera goes everywhere with him…just like his ostomy bag. Thanks for helping raise awareness!


Meet Jessica! She says that having an ostomy hasn’t limited her from accomplishing anything. Thanks for spreading such a positive message!

Doug Dallmann

Meet Doug! He’s a colorectal cancer survivor who enjoys bodybuilding and traveling. Thanks for being an ostomy advocate!

Rebecca Zamolo

Meet Rebecca! She’s an actress and ostomy advocate who is now living with a J-Pouch after having reversal surgery. Thanks for helping raise awareness!

Eric Smith

Meet Eric! He may have an ostomy, but it doesn’t stop him from doing anything he loves. Thanks for being a great advocate!


Meet Laurie! She says she wants to prove that you can be young, beautiful, and happy with an ostomy. Thanks for spreading such a great message!