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Ostomy Lifestyle Question (January 2016)


Hi my husband had a oleo stormy on Jan.5/16. Everything is going well but a couple of times he as the feeling he wants to move his bowels. The doctor told him that was normal and to go ahead. So when he did he had a lot of blood is this normal or should we seek medical attention. This was his first time since his surgery.


If your husband still has his large colon and the ileostomy was done to bypass or detour the large colon, having the feeling to move his bowels is normal.  One of the functions of the large bowel is to produce mucus which helps slide the stool through the colon.  If no stool is being passed through the colon and the colon is still making mucus then the mucus travels down the rectum and stimulates the rectum with the feeling that your husband needs to have a bowel movement. It is normal. Go ahead and he may just pass some mucus.

If he is passing blood, this should be checked out with his doctor.

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