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(March 2016) – dealing with two ostomies

March, 2016

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As a result of radiation damage from cancer treatment in 1990, I had a permanent colostomy in March, 2012 and I am scheduled to have an Ileal Conduit in April of 2016. I am kind of freaked out to know that I am going to have two ostomys to care for and would like some advice or input from someone in the same situation. I am 58 years old with a lot of life left to live and sometimes find the whole thing overwhelming. Help please!!!!!


It is important to know we are not alone, and one of the best steps we can take is to get in touch with and connect with other people in the ostomy community. Whether it is a support group in your community or online, connecting with people who can relate and are prepared to share their knowledge gained through experience, is a valuable and good way to boost your knowledge base and confidence. You can ask questions and get tips to help you adapt to life with one or more ostomies.

I recommend that you join a local Ostomy Support Group. To find the support group close to your location; go to “Support” on the banner line at the top of this website page and click. A drop down menu will appear and you will notice “Find Your Local Chapter”, click and follow the instructions.

I also recommend joining the Ostomy Canada Society online community – “The Ostomy Zone”. Go to “Support” on the banner line at the top of this website page and click. A drop down menu will appear and you will notice “Discover the Ostomy Zone”, click and follow the instructions.

You have been an ostomate since 2012 and have worked very hard to adapt to life after an ostomy, congratulations. You have found the clothing that works for you. With the addition of the Ileal Conduit you’ll examine your individual body contour and the various stoma locations. You may need to be open to experimenting with different styles of clothes. You have already been able to go wherever you want to go by simply taking some pre-trip planning, and you will now plan for 2 ostomies. Initially it took time to become comfortable with your ostomy, you now have an experiential advantage. With the connection and support of fellow ostomates, (Support Group/Online Community), you will be well prepared to go forward and live life to the fullest.

Our friends over at Nurses Specialized In Wound, Ostomy And Continence Canada [NSWOCC] (formerly called The Canadian Association for Enterostomal Therapy (CAET)) have renamed their handy look-up page on their website. It was formerly called “Find An ET Nurse” and is now called “Find a NSWOC“. Click on the image to the left or link here to go to their site.

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