Ostomy Lifestyle Question (May 2016)

Ask an Ostomy Lifestyle Expert


I really hope you can give me some online stores from which I may purchase some ostomy-friendly underwear and an ostomy wrap. I just had my surgery two weeks ago and I am having trouble having ostomy clothing delivered to Canada, from over the internet.


Thank you for your great question. Unfortunately, Ostomy Secrets does not sell into Canada. However, here are a few suggestions for you to look at.

WeirComfees is an Ontario based company who creates clothing and accessories for people with an ostomy. http://weircomfees.com

Vanilla Blush is in Glasgow, Scotland. Not sure if they ship to Canada but they have a wonderful website and pretty products. http://www.vblush.com

Joeies is based in BC. She offers well-made, beautiful products. http://joeies.com

CSP is based in Quebec. They specialize in ostomy underwear and wraps. http://www.ostomycares.com/ostomycares-en.html

Vegan Ostomy is a great site for product listings and reviews. Eric is Canadian and based from Ontario. Check out the link for a list of manufacturers who special in ostomy clothing and accessories worldwide. http://www.veganostomy.ca/ostomy-clothing-manufacturers

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