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Ostomy Lifestyle Question (May 2016)


I really hope you can give me some online stores from which I may purchase some ostomy-friendly underwear and an ostomy wrap. I just had my surgery two weeks ago and I am having trouble having ostomy clothing delivered to Canada, from over the internet.


Thank you for your great question. Unfortunately, Ostomy Secrets does not sell into Canada. However, here are a few suggestions for you to look at.

WeirComfees is an Ontario based company who creates clothing and accessories for people with an ostomy.

Vanilla Blush is in Glasgow, Scotland. Not sure if they ship to Canada but they have a wonderful website and pretty products.

Joeies is based in BC. She offers well-made, beautiful products.

CSP is based in Quebec. They specialize in ostomy underwear and wraps.

Vegan Ostomy is a great site for product listings and reviews. Eric is Canadian and based from Ontario. Check out the link for a list of manufacturers who special in ostomy clothing and accessories worldwide.

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