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Ostomy Lifestyle Question (September 2016) – Vision Problems and Ostomy Care

September, 2016


I have a question for you. I am a student Occupational Therapist working on a school project regarding ostomy care. I have a client who is having difficulty with putting on her ostomy bag due to progressive vision loss (macular degeneration). She finds that she has difficulty placing the wafer correctly surrounding her stoma, as her inaccurate placement (due to impaired vision) causes it to leak. I was hoping you could inform me of any tips, tricks or current products that I can pass onto my client to help accurately place the wafer on her skin.

Thank you very much for your input and I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Thank you for your question. Currently in my research, when an ostomate has a challenge such as poor eyesight or arthritis for example, there is not a lot of public information in support of tips and tricks available at this time. There are some very good products available from the ostomy manufacturers that help with leakage, but one thing to bear in mind with all ostomy products is that our bodies are very individual, and because of that, a product which works great for one person may not work as successfully for another.  For example there are seals which could help your patient, but is it convexity that may be an issue, or it could be a result of a number of problems.

Having said this, it is the people with experience who can best guide your patient. Therefore, I  recommend that your patient arrange an appointment and visit with a Enterosomal Therapy Nurse, (E.T. Nurse). These specialized nurses are experienced in assessing/diagnosing stoma problems, providing proper equipment and stoma care solutions, and because they deal with ostomates of all ages, genders and physical status, they would be the experienced professionals who can provide your patient with the individual attention and training for the ostomy equipment management they require.

To find an ET Nurse in your location,  go to (this website)

On the top bar menu you will see the Support catgory, click on this.

There will be a drop down menu and you will see Find an E.T. Nurse, click and follow the instructions.

Best of luck to you and your patient.

Our friends over at Nurses Specialized In Wound, Ostomy And Continence Canada [NSWOCC] (formerly called The Canadian Association for Enterostomal Therapy (CAET)) have renamed their handy look-up page on their website. It was formerly called “Find An ET Nurse” and is now called “Find a NSWOC“. Click on the image to the left or link here to go to their site.

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