After going through an ileostomy last year I was ‘taught’ how to apply my flange when using a 2-part flange/pouch system. After cutting the hole in the flange to the needed size I was ‘taught’ to put a bead of Adapt paste around the edge of the hole in the flange before adhering the flange to my abdomen.

 Recently, during the very hot spell, I developed a minor problem with the skin adjacent to the stoma. When seeking advice on this problem it was recommended that I not use the Adapt paste and just apply the flange (Coloplast) directly to my skin.

 This apparent conflicting information has me confused. So what is the purpose of the paste? Is it needed or not? If it’s best not to use it in some instances then why use it at all?



Ostomy paste is used to fill in uneven skin contours to help create a flatter surface. If your skin does not have contours, then the paste is not required. If you do have contours, there are various options you can try. Following is a good resource to help you assess your ostomy issue:
  • Go to your manufacturer’s website in your case “Coloplast”. The site will present flange/seal options that you could use in place of paste. Also, it will be useful for you to call the customer service of the various Ostomy equipment manufacturers, and ask for ostomy flange seal systems that do not require using paste.
  • Different companies make different styles of seals, if one manufacturer’s flange/seal does not work for you, then call other Ostomy manufacturers.
Suggestion: Convexity Convexity for example in ostomy supplies exists to provide optimum stoma seal. Convex ostomy systems are beneficial for people who have a stoma with uneven shape, unusual size, or other irregularities around the stoma skin area. The convex ostomy bag system is designed to curve inward toward the stoma. This enables the ostomy bag to attach securely and firmly with the surrounding skin. Convex ostomy bag system thereby directs urine or stool into the pouch and not under the wafer or skin barrier. Convex Ostomy Systems The main purpose of the convex system is to avoid ostomy leakage. The ideal ostomy convex pouch system should adapt intuitively to the peristomal skin contour while sustaining the movements and stress caused during normal wear. It should potentially increase ostomy bag wear and feel comfortable. The tightly secured convex bag system should provide a healthy and hygienic peristomal skin area. It will possibly take a few phone calls and experimentation. The various Ostomy manufacturers produce high quality and varied products, that upon request will send the free products for you to try, and then will follow up with you. There is a solution to your current peristomal skin issue. Jo-Ann L. Tremblay
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