I was recently diagnosed with legionel, intubated and due to this not taking any meds for my Crohn’s and ostomy, my stomach consistently bloats and severely aches like a blockage, do I need surgery??


Bloating can occur for many reasons, some of which can be serious, and some less so.  Could certainly be a consequence of your recent illness.  You probably should be considered for investigation with the variety of techniques that are available.  Stool analysis, Ultrasound, plain xray, ct scan, and a variety of bloodwork tests such as liver function, alk phosphatase, and many others come to mind.  This should be coordinated first and foremost by your primary physician and the docs who are looking after your recent conditions, and if you deteriorate might necessitate an emergency visit also. Surgery is certainly a possibility but not without investigation, and often can be headed off with other modalities.

Tim Sproule MD FRCSC, Acting Chief Plastic Surgery, Scarborough Health Network

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