Petition for the Ontario Government to change the ADP program.


It has been brought to our attention that the Ontario Government does not recognize online petitions. They will only accept paper petitions in a certain format and they must be original copies – no photocopies or faxes. They will only accept signatures from Ontario residents.

As such, UOAC, in conjunction with the Ad Hoc committee looking into the ADP Grant, have constructed a paper petition. We have verified that it will be legal by members of the Ontario NDP party.

We have distributed the petition to all major retailers of ostomy supplies in Ontario.

Due to the election in Ontario, we are delaying the deadline for returning the petitions from June 1 to August 1, 2014.

We have set a deadline of August 1, 2014 for the petitions to be signed and then they will return the petitions to us.

A copy of the paper petition is included below. We have also posted it on the website. We ask that if you go to your ostomy supplier and they do not have a petition available, to print out and give them one.

We want the Ontario government to increase the coverage for ostomy supplies back up the the 75% level that was set in 1993, and to increase coverage to include people who have a temporary ostomy. Please help by signing the petition that is available at all participating ostomy retailers. If the local ostomy retailer does not have one, you can download a copy on the UOAC website or below.