1.    Is Psyllium just as good to use as Metamucil? 

It is important to look at the form of Metamucil – the sugar free brand (powder) does have artificial sweeteners which are high in polyols/fructose and can cause issues with malabsorption. The pill form does not contain this fructose level. I recommend Right4Fibre by Webber (FODMAP friendly) 


Another option is using ground flax as psyllium. Starting with small amounts 1/4 tsp and increasing by 1/2 tsp as tolerated to a maximum of 2 tbsp per day. 

2.     How much can a person take in one dose 

See answer above.  

3.     With a j pouch, could I make my own capsules?  I am thinking the concentration might be better than dissolving in water.  

I have not recommended this – try to keep it simple with the appropriate form of fiber supplement OR ground flax.  

Warm Regards,

Rory Hornstein, RD Bed Dietician

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