Publication List

Ostomy Canada has several publications available to our members:

Services Brochure, Do you feel like you are the only one?  – This brochure outlines the services available through Ostomy Canada Society and its member chapters. It is an excellent tool to distribute through your local NSWOC/ET nurse, ostomy product distributor or at health-related displays to generate awareness of ostomies in general and Ostomy Canada Society in particular. Available at no charge in English or French. Ostomy Camp Brochure – This brochure gives information about the annual Ostomy Canada Youth Camp: who is eligible to attend, the kind of activities, the cost and where it is held. Available at no charge in English only.

Disability Tax Credit Brochure – inform the medical community, pharmacies, patients, and the general public about how people living with an ostomy can qualify for the Canadian Disability Tax Credit. Available at no charge in English or French.

Contact the Office for a copy of these Brochures

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