Publication List

Living With Your Colostomy #05-001 – this is a colourfully illustrated 24 page booklet. As a guide to self care, topics range from Understanding Your Colostomy, Selecting Your Pouch, Caring for Your Stoma, Emptying Your Pouch, Irrigating Your Colostomy, to Common Questions.

Living With Your Ileostomy #05-002; Living With Your Urostomy #05003-These booklets are similar to Living With Your Colostomy with information specific to the needs of persons with either an ileostomy or urostomy.

Services Brochure, Do you feel like you are the only one? #16-003 – This brochure outlines the services available through Ostomy Canada Society and its member chapters. It is an excellent tool to distribute through your local ET nurse, ostomy product distributor or at health-related displays to generate awareness of ostomies in general and Ostomy Canada Society in particular. Available at no charge

Ostomy Camp Brochure #16-005 – This brochure gives information about the annual Ostomy Canada Youth Camp: who is eligible to attend, the kind of activities, the cost and where it is held.

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There is a wide selection of material available through the Ostomy Canada Society office. Highlights of several publications are outlined above. Some items are free of charge, while others must be purchased. For pricing and to order, click here to access the Publication Order Form.