I had a phone call today from an individual today. Long story but colitis and very severe case of Diverticulitis that opened and drained into his body cavity for quite some time before anything was done. Now has I believe a colostomy for past 2 months or so.


  • He says he is very allergic to the covering on the bags but all the bags have this covering now. I thought you could order them without. Gets a huge rash and blisters once the bag gets wet and sticks to his skin.

There are companies where you can order ostomy clothing or have a relative make pouch bags out of cotton. Phone Hollister, Convetec and Coloplast – appliance makers – they may have products or suggestions for you. They also have a NSWOC nurse to give you free advice. Hollister Canada  https://www.hollister.ca/en-ca/ Convetec https://www.convatec.ca/   Coloplast https://www.coloplast.ca/


  • His stoma sinks into his skin so leakage on a regular basis. Surgeon says he doesn’t have enough bowel left to make it longer.

A belt might help though it may cause pain if skin not intact.


  • Obviously with so much leakage – skin under the flange is in rough shape. Seen a NSWOC nurse once and has home care coming in several times a week. Says they are using powder. 

If possible advocate through homecare and/or your local MPP to have a NSWOC regular visit until issue is resolved. If you have private insurance they may cover the NSWOCs visits. If you are able to travel I have found 2 NSWOC nurses in the Barrie area. Please click on link and send them messages. https://memberscaet.ca/find.phtml#results There are other solutions other than powder but someone would have to assess and make suggestions.


  • His bag falls off all the time – I said there may be too much powder being uses as well as the other condition of his skin that he isn’t getting a good seal.  

See above for suggestions. The pouch may have too much effluent pulling the bag down. He lives in Midland ON and probably not too many NSWOC in the area to keep up with all the Ostomates


  • Says he can’t use a convex cause it hurts too much. 

Once the skin heals around the stoma convexity does work well with a belt


  • Uses a one piece and doesn’t have loops for an ostomy belt.

Phone and get free product from the 3 major appliance makes – Hollister-Convatec- Coloplast. There are many configurations of products on the marker.


  • Had a lot of very loose stool, tried the Brats diet???  Bananas and such to thicken up but hasn’t worked. 

Advocate through local hospital or homecare for a dietician consult with experience with ostomies. Even an online consult.

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