Step Up for Ostomy

In 2022, you helped raise over $85,000 (and counting).  Thank you for your incredible support….see you in 2023

Every year, Canadians across the country celebrate “living life to the fullest” by participating in a national awareness and fund raising event called Step Up for Ostomy ( Typically held on the first Saturday of October people living with an ostomy invite their friends and family to walk, run, roll, slide, hop, dance, sashay, prance, bike, jump, strut, twirl, skip, chill, play cards, or whatever to raise funds and awareness for Ostomy Canada. In 2020 and 2021 the Step up event was primarily held “virtually” to abide by public health guidelines. Our hope is that in 2022 we will broaden our outdoor activities and yet we will always respect our public health rules and the safety of our stakeholders.

This amazing cross Canada event will raise much-needed funds to help us improve the quality of life for people living with an ostomy in every province and territory. Visit our website to find out more and to download such items as the Planning Manual, FAQ, pledge cards, forms and all kinds of support tools.


Step Up For Ostomy

In 2022, you helped raise over $85,000 (and counting). Thank you for your incredible support….see you in 2023

You did it!

You smashed the goal of $50,000

Thank you sponsors, donors, teams, individuals and supporters.


Our Step Up for Ostomy campaign is available on JustGiving.


Help us reach and exceed our target by donating directly.


Create your own fundraising pages to setup individual targets.


Create team pages to involve as many team members as you like.

Step up today!

Donations are simple and secure with our JustGiving portal.

What will your donation go to support?

Your much needed donation and support will be of a great help to Ostomy Canada Society to execute the below necessary activities.

Ostomy Visitors Program

Our Ostomy Visitor Program supports people living with ostomies both pre and post surgery via way of a certified visitor.

Influencing public policy

Influencing public policy to obtain equitable ostomy funding across Canada.

Community outreach

Community outreach and public education and awareness through local chapters and support groups.

Ostomy Canada Youth Camp

Our amazing Ostomy Canada Kids Youth Camp.

Education awards

Education awards for both NSWOC (ostomy nurses) and post-secondary students.

Ostomy Canada magazine

Our Ostomy Canada magazine with compelling and motivating personal stories of people living with an ostomy and their accomplishments and more.

promote collaboration

To promote collaboration with other like minded organizations and businesses.

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