President’s Award can be bestowed on any one of its members or associates. The award is presented annually to the individual, at the Annual Conference, who the President deems to have demonstrated outstanding voluntary service on behalf of the organization. The award can be presented to any member at any level of the organization or to an associate. The award cannot be shared as it carried too much importance. The award will be issued solely on the discretion of the President of the Ostomy Canada Society. The Executive can and may be solicited for their advice but the final decision will rest with the President. The President will make his/her selection and the name of the recipient will be held in secrecy until the time of the awards presentation at the banquet during the conference. A plaque will commemorate the event for the individual and the president or his/her designate will present the award.

(Presented virtually via conference call on August 8, 2000, by president Ann Ivol)

There is, however, one person whom I want to especially mention. For me personally, this individual has been my “right-hand man”, so to speak, since the position of Vice-President was not filled during my term in office. This person is Steve Maybee. He has always been ready to offer support and I have always welcomed his advice. As a team, we have worked well together. We share similar values that have contributed to this successful working relationship. His willingness to oversee the National Office, over and above his duties as Treasurer, relieved me of another responsibility.

Steve, it gives me great pleasure to honour you with the President’s Award. I would love to be able to present the Award in front of everyone here. Perhaps we can make an arrangement for me to bring it to you in person in the near future.

(Ann will meet with Steve in the next two weeks to present the award. Photos to follow.)

Steve Maybee
Steve Maybee


President’s Award for outstanding service

Steve Maybee



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