Stoma Stroll 2016 Survey

We are holding a survey to get some feedback on our Stoma Stroll Awareness Walk and Canada Ostomy Day.

A little bit of history: We have held the Stoma Stroll Awareness Walk for three years now, on the first Saturday of October. Instead of growing each year, the 2015 Stoma Stroll actually had less participation than previous years, even though it was held in conjunction with World Ostomy Day which happens only once every three years.

So we are wondering if it is because of the time of year, or if there are other reasons. Therefore we have started an online survey to collect your feedback. To participate, answer the 12 questions below. Should not take more than 10 minutes of your time. And there are places where you can add your comments or other fundraising ideas.

Please complete the survey by February 29, 2016. All comments positive and negative are welcomed as we assess if the stoma stroll is beneficial as an awareness and fundraiser.

You can be assured your contribution will enable Ostomy Canada Society to continue to provide support and encouragement to others. Thank you!

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