My Dad is recovering well from his November 2019 Ostomy. Being very active, he’s seeking a belt that we cannot find anywhere. The only belts seen are very basic. He’s reluctant to buy online, sight unseen. Any ideas where to locate? Any help is appreciated.  


 Before purchasing an ostomy support belt/stoma guard, I highly recommend that your Dad contact, and make an appointment with a Nurse Specialized in Wound, Ostomy, and Continence, (NSWOC), located close to him. There are very important and specific considerations that an ostomate should be aware of when choosing a support belt that will best suit them. To find an NSWOC professional please follow this link – NSWOC professionals are highly specialized nurses that will assist in:
  • Exploring/suggesting the belt equipment that would best suit his needs.
  • The NSWOC will measure him for the most appropriate hole size and hole placement to help ensure a proper fit for his individuality.
  • And, the NSWOC will potentially know reputable ostomy belt manufacturers/distributors in your Dad’s relative location.
As mentioned, when purchasing an ostomy (hernia) belt/stoma guard, there are some important considerations an ostomate should be aware of:
  • Some studies recommend that no hole should be in the support belt, this is due to some individuals experiencing “coning” where the abdominal wall pushes through the hole. If a person is using a 2 piece pouching system or a one-piece pouching system with some ‘firmness’ such as convexity, then some folks get good results with a hernia support belt with a hole.
  • Another important consideration when fitting a belt with a hole is to ensure the hole opening is the correct size for the pouching system.
  • When using a convex pouching system with a hernia support belt, the peristomal skin must be monitored for pressure injury due to the pressure of the convexity against the skin and the pressure of the hernia belt.
  • These are just a few examples that need to be considered. The NSWOC professional will certainly assist your Dad in making the equipment purchase that will best suit him, suit his specific needs/pouching system. And then, armed with important information your Dad can then confidently make his decision on what he feels is the best for him.
Best of luck! Jo-Ann L. Tremblay
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