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  1. I have had to learn and experiment with different supplies and logical “well that did not work, try something else” philosophy. At the beginning there was a VON nurse who showed me how to change an appliance. Any other questions were answered by the throwing of hands in the air. Any scrap of insight as to diet, care and emotional concern was a hit or miss situation. The last verbal explosion was from a technician who administered a mammogram who declared that “a colostomy was disgusting and she did not know if she could touch me”. I solved her problem by leaving.
    You have a great product and I am content with the knowledge that it is secure and reliable. Post comments could be a continuation of what is, but thank you, I do love life.

  2. I have had a urostomy since 2011 and receive the annual grant of $600.00. In July of this year I had a colostomy done. My understanding is that I need to wait 6 months before applying for a grant for the colostomy. In the interim, I have already learned that the colostomy is much higher maintenance, requiring more frequent changes. Due to this, my costs for colostomy products has, and will continue to be, very high. Whether or not the colostomy results in being permanent should not be a factor in being eligible for the grant support.

    • I receive the Ontario grant of $600 and was told I could claim only the one grant. $600 is the maximum. I think this is unfair as my fistula costs almost as much as my ostomy to control. $600 goes nowhere in covering the costs of the appliances.

    • Hi Linda, Yesterday I phoned the Ontario Assisted Device Programme, and was told that there is only one grant of $600.00 permitted per person, no matter how many ostomies one has. I think this is quite unfair as our costs are double or even triple of someone with one ostomy. I exhausted my medical insurance in a couple of years and am in a situation whereby I cannot go on welfare for help.
      We shall just have to fight for more help.

      Good luck, Wendy Banki.

  3. you should follow up with your caregiver. The stoma nurse at the hospital gave me the form to claim the additional grant for my ostomy. But the criteria is you can only apply after 6 months in the event that the colostomy is reversed.

    • I was in that situation eleven years ago with no income coming in a lost my job . So, I went to welfare and applied for assistance and got it. From there they put me on to ODSP. Hope this would work for you.

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