User study on people with ostomy

The Ostomy Canada Society staff meeting on Saturday, September 17 approved the following request:
We are two engineers from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), who are currently trying to develop an improved solution for ostomy patients as part of our master thesis. We are both studying Design & Innovation, which in short focuses on developing systems and products which help solve problems of different kind.
In order to gain a deeper understanding of the most significant aspects of a life with ostomy we would greatly appreciate all the input we can get from people who are living with a stoma.
The reason we are contacting you is that we would like to gain an understanding of how cultural differences can have an impact on a life with ostomy. Therefore we hope to get in contact with people outside of Denmark. Below is a link to the survey.
Thank you for your response. We greatly appreciate the opportunity. If you could post a summery with a link to the survey and our thesis email: in the group we would be very grateful.